About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help alleviate poverty, promote environmental health and strengthen democratic institutions and values in developing countries. We strive to accomplish these objectives by implementing several innovative and bold solutions that would bring about long-term sustainable results. We shall demonstrate the validity of our approaches through projects that serve as models for wider application in similar or comparable situations elsewhere.

Our Belief

  • Create economic opportunity for all, especially the needy, through planned development.
  • Provide good healthcare and health education.
  • Improve the quality of education generally, and promote exceptional talent.
  • Bring about social equality, fairness and dignity of life, especially for women and deprived communities.
  • Assure the preservation of nature, use resources carefully and protect the environment.


The Benn Foundation is engaged in projects that apply integrated holistic approaches to solving human problems to help alleviate poverty, improve education, promote environment health and strengthen democratic institutions and values in the country.

  • Sustainable integrated rural development (School, Women’s Empowerment through small-scale farming and business development, Healthcare and Health Education Projects)
  • Improving environmental health.

Promoters Profile


Mr. Anthony Gnana Shekaran

Owns and operates a Rural Marketing and Communications firm.


Ms. Mable Jasmine

Proprietress of a firm which is in to Events &nsbp; Management.


Mr.Benjamin M

Consultant and Trainer with vast Experience in NGO operations and educational institutions.