Proposed Activities

Poverty Eradication

  • Provide education for the underprivileged children by establishing schools / adopting schools and offering free education for grades, Nursery to grade 11. To follow the state run syllabus. This can be only achieved by finding a suitable partner who can invest in the operation of the school.
  • Our belief is that providing education for the underprivileged children of society and preparing them to face the global challenges will put them on even platform to face the competition.

Poverty Eradication

Assumption Process Action
Underprivileged children in rural sector are denied basic education Based on the data study that will be made to implement an appropriate standard for education To setup a school or adopt an existing school and offer any one of the prescribed levels of education
Children 4 yrs and above possess natural abilities To screen and administer simple IQ test for selection to various grades 1- 11 Qualified children to be admitted at appropriate classes
Availability of Skilled teachers for grades 1-11 Get in various international Orgainisation/companies/agencies to provide teaching staff Train the present teachers with latest training techniques to have effective teaching for students for grades 1 -11
Adopting a schooling with basic facilities To study existing facility and propose low additional infrastructure Establish grades that would allow us within the available infrastructure

Primary Health Care

  • Provide clean and healthy life to women, children and the elderly. This can be achieved by supporting local medical centres, public health and community centres.
  • Programs to meet the general and specific medical needs of citizens to be conducted.
  • This can be only achieved by finding a suitable partner who can invest in the operation of local Public Health Centre and working jointly with various community centres.

Community Development

To Provide clean drinking water, sanitation and improve basic hygiene. The objective is to educate and promote clean healthy living in an improved hygienic environment

Assumption Process Action
Inadequate awareness and reach in the rural areas has given rise to various health hazards in incurable diseases Based on the data study to implement an appropriate awareness program through community and health centres Create and execute awareness programs. Conduct medical health camps according to need base
Prevent measures in place to control diseases like HIV, TB, etc Study existing preventive measures and suggest newer and advance programs for implementation Implement appropriate programs with the help of local PHC

Agriculture and Animal Husbandry

To venture after ascertaining agricultural/land/labour and animal rearing laws.

Assumption Process Action
Rise of unemployment due the various natural and man-made disasters in rural sector To setup farming / animal rearing To study various govt. and land polices and then to implement and setup appropriate plan
No Availability of new technology and advancement in Agricultural Sciences To study new and improved technology for implementation in agricultural farming To educate and impart training programs for sustainable growth through farming